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This is a community, rich in its diversity. It consists of about thirty friars from eight different countries and four continents. Their ages go through all the decades from the early twenties to the eighties. They are devoted to the different aspects Theology: biblical, dogmatic, and moral. They also study Philosophy, Law and History.

This dedication involves research and teaching, not only at the Faculty of San Esteban, but also at different centres of study in several continents; it also involves outreach through journals and books. The friars’ preaching is demanded in many places in Spain and outside of Spain; they give yearly retreats, training classes, popular preaching … Student friars join in this preaching, lead youth groups, participate in the programmes of Caritas and other social activities.

These different missions come true in a life style of the Dominican Convent with the solemn chanting of the Divine Office and the celebration of the Eucharist, with a responsible, but above all, fraternal participation in community life.

In short, this is a community responsible for continuing the life and mission of a community which in times past, was outstanding for many reasons; but at the same time, feeling encouraged by that history, confronts the challenges of our times, such as the then community confronted them in times past.




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